2DVLS 4.0.0 Alpha Update!

5 October, 2014 // 0 Comments

I am still working on performance improvements! Today I have finished the VLSObstructor editor so you can now easily edit the shape of your obstruction object. As for performance, I added rectangle bounds to all obstructor edges so there is no longer any need to cycle through every edge in a detected obstructor. Not much more to say about it today but look at the eye candy below :). Note the nice 8-bit pixel shader I was playing with! [Read More]

2DVLS 4.0.0 Alpha Update!

1 October, 2014 // 0 Comments

Performance Test scene involving 8 dynamically moving lights (constant updates) shows the previous versions of 2DVLS will run at roughly ~250-300fps. In an identical scene running 2DVLS 4.0 the frame rate jumps up to ~500-550fps. This is just the alpha version and I do expect that gap to widen once I completely finish the core code and start optimizing further. Both of course with only 2 draw calls. Visual Quality In 2DVLS 3.1.3 you must increase the number of Rays to improve the edge detection [Read More]

2DVLS v4.0 Performance Update

27 September, 2014 // 0 Comments

I have been working hard on a new version of 2DVLS (as mentioned before) that aspires to solve many of the issues people have brought to my attention. The top priorities of these issues are shaders and performance. While many of you have seen some improvements in shaders for Unity Pro users none of you have really seen any improvements in performance. I have successfully finished work on removing ALL physics raycasting from 2DVLS. You will no longer need to set a ray count and you will no [Read More]

Plans for 2DVLS

26 June, 2014 // 0 Comments

Answers! So many questions have been asked and many concerns have been shared about 2DVLS. To answer those questions and concerns with one swoop I decided to post my plans. NO I have not given up on the asset I just have a hard time doing anything quickly thanks to my busy schedule. Below I have listed some features and maybe some disappointments but hopefully this will clear up some questions. 4.0 Details Unity 2D Sprite Update Compitable Implementing full support the sprite layer system [Read More]

New Site and Product Updates

6 April, 2014 // 0 Comments

2DVLS Update I will be submitting the new 2DVLS Update sometime today! Features: Pro Shaders are now easier than ever to setup! Better documentation makes assembling fantastic looking scenes easier than ever! Separated classes should make customization quicker and less painless! NEW SITE! I have updated the site to a cleaner look. I hope this new design will help make the new documentation for 2DVLS easier to read and manage. It should also help you guys find products and updates easier when it [Read More]