Plans for 2DVLS


So many questions have been asked and many concerns have been shared about 2DVLS. To answer those questions and concerns with one swoop I decided to post my plans. NO I have not given up on the asset I just have a hard time doing anything quickly thanks to my busy schedule. Below I have listed some features and maybe some disappointments but hopefully this will clear up some questions.

4.0 Details

  • Unity 2D Sprite Update Compitable
    • Implementing full support the sprite layer system
    • Removing ‘hacky’ shaders allows for better quality control
    • Pro shaders mentioned below work with Sprites (Unity Pro Only)
  • Pro Pixel Shaders
    • Allows Unity Pro users a more polished look to their games
    • Provides pixel shader’s for a more realistic look
    • Example Scene 1  /  Example Scene 2
  • No more Non-Standard Shader Support for Unity Basic Users (Sorry)
    • Most complaints are due to the ‘hacky’ shaders in current version
    • Hard decision but I must follow Unity’s model and not force my own
  • Collider2D -> Edge/Vertex Class to Reduce Raycast Calls
    • Nifty new technique that converts 2DColliders into ‘Edges’
    • Edges reduce the number of raycasts down to the minimum
  • Proper Directional Lighting
    • As seen in ‘Prison Architect’
    • Allows you to set a direction to cast shadows from
    • Uses the new Edge system
  • High Performance with Low GC
    • Edge system reduces Garbage Collection calls
    • No need to allocate memory for collider arrays at runtime
  • Instructions on Setting Up Loom Multi-Threading to Render your Lights
    • LOOM is a great piece of software available from another developer on the Unity Asset store. You can find it HERE @ LOOM. 2DVLS 4 will allow those who own a copy of LOOM to take advantage of multi-threaded lighting.


I am happy to be introducing a NEW pricing model to be introduced with the next version of 2DVLS. I need to make sure this is find with Unity before I can go ahead but below outlines the plan.

  • Free to download w/ full support!
    • You will now be able to download the full product from my site via a link available in Unity Asset Store’s asset description.
  • $25 to buy if you use the product or want to support me.
    • In exchange for the purchase you will get early access to the beta patches. Please remember to save your invoice # though.
    • You can use the invoice # to register for Beta builds
  • And did I mention full support for both via

Contact Me

Have I missed something you would like to see in the next version of 2DVLS? Feel free to contact me at and let me know what you would like to see!

New Site and Product Updates

2DVLS Update
I will be submitting the new 2DVLS Update sometime today!


  • Pro Shaders are now easier than ever to setup!
  • Better documentation makes assembling fantastic looking scenes easier than ever!
  • Separated classes should make customization quicker and less painless!

I have updated the site to a cleaner look. I hope this new design will help make the new documentation for 2DVLS easier to read and manage. It should also help you guys find products and updates easier when it is fully fleshed out.